Sunday, March 16, 2008

Selection Sunday: Lunardi's Lunacy and The Final Countdown

Both Lavin and Jimmy Dykes spent most of the time of the 9am pacific time Gameday analyzing posteriors. Is that E! for basketball?

Lunardi's last four in on ESPN's Gameday (noon eastern): Oregon, Arizona, Villanova, and Virginia Tech. His last four out: Illinois State (come on Lunatic!), Arizona State (not good OOC RPI), Ohio State and New Mexico. We just posted an updated table with the bracketology candidates. We are not bracketologists here, we just provide you the information to make your own decisions.

Lunardi's picks for the #1 seeds were much more reasonable, and actually I agree with them! The last #1 indeed belong to the team that wins the Big 12, which means the loser will be at best the 2nd #2 seed, so as to avoid a matchup in the early rounds of the NCAA tourney. And I think either Kansas or Texas could make a good case for being the best #2, considering that Texas beat UCLA, Tennessee and Kansas.

I have nothing against Karl Ravech but he doesn't seem to be on top of his game. He makes procedural mistakes all the time, doesn't know how to count the timeout breaks, gets confused about which channel he is on and gives confusing programming information and such. Nothing personal against him or the crew who is whispering stuff in his ear. But get your act together already! It's not like you are writing on a blog that 10 people read :)


Brendan said...

Hmm... looks like Lunardi wasn't such a lunatic after all. :P

ncaahoops said...

LOL. Well, he did pull out Illinois State after he "slept over it".

And what Jay Bilas pointed out was once again evident. Arizona State was (with good reason) left out because of its poor OOC results, yet St Joe's and South Alabama were given a pass.

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