Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Week #17 of the Blog Poll is out!

Week #17 of the Blog Poll has been published, available for all to see, in full glasnost mode, using Google docs.

And who is #1 you ask? The Ole Roy Tar Heels! Do you think Ole Roy is going to ask (W)'oody what he thinks about his BlogPoll #1 ranking during the next "Inside Carolina Basketball" coaches show? :)

Also receiving #1 votes were Memphis, the multiple fouls per possession Bruins, and the Elite 8 Jayhawks.

The last two teams in were GoneZaga, and Mississippi State. The last two teams out were the West Virginia Thuggineers and the Davidson Wildcats with a permanent ceiling over their heads :)

And big thanks to our Blog Poll Commissioner at March 2 Madness. For more on the bloggers poll, see the intro post. If you want to join, just ask any of the participating bloggers.

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