Monday, March 17, 2008

Fill your brackets with these upset specials! (Daily Tourney Talk)

Well, well, well, we have some great upset specials for you. Our most likely upset is in the Sweet 16, where Hasheem "Shot-blocking" Thabeet blocks out the sun, has a triple double, sinks the "Beached Whale" (Kevin Love), and UConn beats up UCLA in double overtime and moves on to the Elite 8! Ben Howland cries, Kevin Love lays an egg, and they all go to the NBA, Howland included ;-)

A few other conditional upsets: USC over Wisconsin, because Tim Floyd can slugfest it out too, but he has more pure talent than Bo Ryan.

Izzo out-slugfests Pitt in the second round. Everyone's jumping on the Pitt bandwagon, but let's not forget the Big East tourney is played in the Ga'aden (Madison SQuare Garden) and half of Pitt's team is usually composed of New York metro area hoopsters.

Don't be shocked if Clemson beats Kansas in the Sweet 16. Clemson gave both Duke and UNC major headaches in the ACC tourney, and Kansas can fall into the ...traps as well.

First round upsets
St Mary's over Miami, this one is signed sealed and delivered! The downside? Cal picks the St Mary's coach as their next head coach, and Patty Mills goes pro (NBA or Europe).

Arizona over West Virginia and Kevin O'Neill and Bob Huggings pick up a fist-fight in the tunnel during half-time ;-) Arizona has two solid guards, and if Jordan Hill stays out of foul trouble, watch out! Budinger and Joe Alexander can cancel each other out if they both have good scoring games.

Fool's Gold upsets
Georgia over Xavier? Not happening. Remember what happened to G-Mac's Syracuse after their miracle run in the Big East tourney? It will probably be worse for Georgia.

Belmont over Duke. Sure VCU got them, but expect the Dookies to give Belmont a good-shed beating. But if Belmont wins, I'll be very happy.

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