Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Tourney Talk: One day before the Madness!

Today's Outside the Lines has a NCAA tourney themed Centerpiece story: "Cinderella Story". Steve Cyphers looks at the #1 vs #16 matchups, and revisits the Harvard over Stanford women's upset for the ages. Details from OTL. Today's episode will air at 330pm eastern (1230pm pacific) on ESPN and ESPN-HD.

Don't miss the debut of March Madness Central on CSTV (now CBS College Sports) at 4pm eastern (1pm pacific). With the infusion of CBS money and resources, CSTV will now go wall to wall March Madness tourney coverage. During the games, CSTV will be airing March Madness Central in parallel, showing press conferences, highlights, interviews, maybe look-ins, and who knows what else to fill up the time :) CSTV will also air two games, one on Thursday (Anaheim game at 5pm eastern (2pm pacific)), and one on Friday (noon eastern).

But post-season madness already filled up the airwaves, with the ESPN family of networks showing eight NIT games last night, and eight more tonight, and Fox College Sports showing two CBI games per night. That's right, ten post-season games per night, that's more than the NCAA tourney games even, as we only get four "full games" per day from CBS (plus one from CSTV the first two days).

And speaking of TV, will someone please tell Dookie Ja(y)son Williams to stop eating his own words? Literally! He talks faster than his biological system can process the words, so he ends up eating his words. And that's an issue if you are a basketball analyst on TV!

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