Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness Second Round predictions

Our day 2 predictions were not as good as day one, we went 9-7 thanks to all the crazy upsets that took place making it true March Madness. Our running score is 22-10. Our record is ...on the bubble ;-)

So what will happen in the eight second round games today? Here we go...

Bob Thuggins and his Threepointeers will beat the Dookies! Go Thuggins! Go West Virginia! Go WVa! Go Go Go! This will be the only game shown in the timeslot, so the world can enjoy a Duke Loss :-) More on the TV schedule at our on-going March Madness TV schedule post.

The second wave of games will have Billy Walker and B-Easy beating the "ceiling" Wisconsin Badgers, the X-men beating Purdue in an entertaining game. Then Washington State will short-circuit Notre Dame and win easily.

Stanford and Marquette, hard to predict, but ultimately the Lopez Twins beat the Marquette guards. And *gasp* UNLV and the Fighting Lon Krugers will beat Kansas! That's right, Bill Self will find himself on the wrong end of another March surprise. You heard it here first ;-)

The last two games will be entertaining as Texas A&M gives UCLA more than they can handle, but ultimately Ben Howland with the help of Kevin Love and the Zebras will beat Texas A&M.

Everyone is jumping on the Pitt bandwagon, but one man is not! And that's the one who is going to derail the Pitt Train. His name? Tom Izzo. That's right, Izzo will outgrind the Panthers, and squeak by in a double-overtime instant classic. And in case it wasn't clear: Michigan State will beat Pittsburgh in an instant classic!


Casey said...

Hey! Where's the celebration party for the Duke loss? :) YOu can expect my post tomorrow.

Casey said...

A UNLV win would be no surprise. It's about time for the Jayhawks to 'Self'-destruct.

ncaahoops said...

There will be a blogging celebration tomorrow (Monday) full with a Blogging Parade, floats, and such :)

LOL at Self-Destruct. Apparently they learned from last year's NCAA Tourney slug-fests with Southern Illinois and UCLA, so they handled the Lon Kruger slugfest much better.

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