Monday, March 17, 2008

The 2008 CBI Brackets have been announced!

And what about the inaugural 2008 CBI brackets you ask? Well, here they are, courtesy of the Gazelle Group. The CBI will get some TV love as well, be sure to check their CBI TV schedule. The games will be picked up by Fox College Sports, and presumably by regional FSNs as well. You can also watch them online. Fox College Sports will show two games each night on Tuesday and Wednesday.

More coverage of the 16-team CBI tourney at the DC Sports blog. Those into TLAs (three letter acronyms) will appreciate the long list of CBI acronyms posted in the Spartan Tailgate forum.

Just like the NIT, the CBI tips off on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the eight games evenly split between the two days.

The teams
Of the sixteen teams participating, three of them are "BCS" teams, namely Virginia, Washington and Cincinnati. Of the high-mid-major conferences, we have UAB, Houston, Richmond, Nevada, Tulsa, UTEP, and Utah. Lots of C-USA teams there, eh? Of the emerging high-major mid-major conferences and teams, we have Old Dominion, Bradley (Valley of Darkness), Miami of Slugfest (Redhawks of Ohio), Ohio itself, and Valpo. And two "surprises" I guess, Rider and Brown. Yes, Brown!

2008 March Madness TV schedules
For the 2008 post-season tv schedules, be sure to check our brand new NCAA tourney tv listings post.


john q. nixon said...

Seriously? Texas Tech couldn't at least sneak into this? I mean, I know A&M and Kansas whooped us silly, but we had a few good wins! Come on!

ncaahoops said...

Very good point! There seems to be a small number of "BCS" teams in the CBI field, considering there are four Conference USA teams in here.

Not sure what their criteria where, or if it was the best remaining teams that were not in the NCAA or NIT.

I agree Texas Tech should have been included, especially considering their numbers.

Did they get the snub because of the mid-season coaching change?

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