Monday, March 31, 2008

Taylor King transferring out of Duke (we predicted that in August 2007)

Who's singing our praises now? We are! On August 3, 2007 we predicted that Taylor King would transfer out of Duke before the end of his sophomore year. And we were right! We also predicted that Jamal Boykin would transfer out of Duke. We are awesome baby with capital A ;-)

The Taylor King transfer story is posted in many places, including Sports Illustrated, Scout, and News Observer.

This further complicates matters for Duke's 2008-2009 season, and Taylor King could have been a player to factor in their spread out offense since he can occasionally hit a series of wild three pointers. Occasionally :)

Coach K will probably try to "raid" recruits made available by coaching changes, and could perhaps scrap the Mike D'Antoni inspired offense for a more traditional Duke style of play.

Also discussed at the VU Hoops sports blog.

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