Thursday, February 21, 2008

Syracuse at Louisville

If you love zone defense, this was the game for you! Both teams spent a lot of time zoned out, tried to de-rail the opponents offense. The rosters were a stark contrast, Syracuse on a tight 7-man rotation, while Pitino probably having the deepest roster since he took over the Louisville RedBirds.

Ultimately the depth and the home court decided the game, along with the critically acclaimed point-center who goes by the name of David Padgett. What could kill Louisville in the post-season is their guards. Andre McGee is a backup type, and Sosa is quite unpredictable. Jerry Smith is the most reliable guard, while the only predictable thing from their back-court is the level of energy and enthusiasm Preston Knowles brings to the co(ur)t (Pitino-speak).

Meanwhile Syracuse, now with an improved schedule, has shown that they are not to be counted out, and they won't back down or take no as an answer. And they have the players to do so. From the two Flynnstones (Flynn and Greene), the built-like-a-tank Do-It-All-Paul, and the other four that fill in the blanks. I'm not sure whether they are in and out right now, but barring a collapse, I would be surprised if Syracuse was not included in the field of 65 in March!

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