Sunday, February 17, 2008

Charles Barkley "fake christians" starts a fire on CNN's Late Edition

Former Auburn great and NBA superstar and basketball analyst Charles Barkley shocked Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Late Edition when he called the religious conservatives "fake christians" because of their hypocrisy and such. I assume he won't be invited to the 700 Club ;-) Shocked not because it's not true, but because he said it out loud. Wolf of course is used to politicians who avoid saying anything that might cost them half a vote.

Barkley also revealed that he is planning to run for governator of Alabama in 2014. He just bought a house there in 2007 to start his seven year residency requirement. According to him.

The NBA All-star game tips off tonight at 8pm eastern on TNT. Was this just a gimmick to generate more buzz for the all-star game? CNN and TNT are owned by the same company :)

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