Friday, February 22, 2008

Kelvin Sampson has 750,000 reasons not to sing the Hoosier Blues

Happy Trails IU coach Kelvin Sampson! It was nice having you, the cell phone companies love the bills you ran during your tenure there and at Oklahoma ;-)

The final (perhaps) news in the Kelvin Sampson saga can be found at CSTV which includes the resolution and a statement from Kelvin Sampson as well. Also discussed at deadspin, and Tee Off, Sports Yenta, and such. And unsportsmanlike comment too!


Casey said...

Only in the good ol' USA can one get caught cheating and get $750,000 to go away. Is there any wonder why our economy is the way it is.

Oh yeah - you gotta get my 'crunching the numbers' discussion going.

ncaahoops said...

BCS basketball and football coaches are like CEOs! They get paid big time even if they screw up big time!

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