Thursday, February 14, 2008

North Carolina at Virginia

No Lawson, no final four I'm afraid for UNC. But the good news is that Ty Lawson should be back before the March Madness tourney tips off.

Virginia looked a mess for quite a while, but they re-discovered their mojo and made the game respectable before losing to the Lawson-less TarHeels.

The tweek in the Carolana oafense was Ty Hansbro shooting mid-range jumpers. This was an interesting experiment, not sure if it was by design, or it organically developed during the game, but this could make things more interesting assuming Ty Hansbro is able to consistently hit those jumpers.

It was also interesting to see Ole Roy try to tighten up his rotations to seven players, before foul troubles got Graves in the game. And now you wonder why Roy Williams thought Wes Miller was crucial to the team. At the time, a number of people laughed it up, but Carolina could have surely used a Wes Miller right about now with Lawson and Fraser out due to injury.

What can we say about Virginia? Dave Leiteo had a solid season last year, but what happened this year? He should be safe, but if he picks up the paper and reads that 22 months after the Final Four John Brady was ejected from LSU... Ouch!

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