Saturday, February 23, 2008

Political Slogans for College Basketball Coaches

With the political season in full swing, it is time to give some college basketball coaches ...politically twisted slogans!

We start with "Change you can ...Wear", for Rick Pitino (see: ESPN Gameday game and the all-white suit).

How about "Change you can Cheat", for Kelvin Sampson's campaign? :)

"Change you can Eat" for Majerus, and "Change you can Drink" for Eddie Sutton!

"Change you can yell at" for Bob Knight, and "Change you can scowl at" for Gene Keady!

And how about "Change you can Defend" for Ben Howland, and "Change you can ruin" for Matt Doherty?

And two more before we totally ruin it, "Change you can Over-analyze" for Jay Bilas, and "Change you can Take a Sabbatical from" for Lute Olson ;-)

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