Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SportsCenterU finds itself on ESPN2!

Caught between the silliness and stubborness, ESPN is finding that it has to put more and more EPSNU content on ESPN2, because ESPNU has limited availability. And it's really sad because the people working at ESPNU are producing a lot of excellent content, like the "Inside the Polls" and "SportsCenterU".

So starting tonight, SportsCenterU, a version of Sportscenter for ESPNU, will be shown periodically on ESPN2, usually after college hoops games. Look for it tonight at 830pm pacific after the conclusion of West Virginia vs DePaul and the ensuing College Gamenight.

And speaking of TV, be sure to check the preview to the CIAA (division 2) conference tournament tomorrow (Thursday) at 930am pacific (1230pm eastern) on ESPN Classic. The tourney itself tips off later on Thursday. That's right, conference championships are upon us already! Hello March Madness!

For more TV listings be sure to check our February 2008 an March 2008 college hoops tv listings.

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