Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Repor(t)


  • The coaching carousel stops at Winthrop as they hire assistant Peele (espn story) following the departure of Greg Marshall to Wichita State and the Valley of Darkness.
  • Bobby Lutz and his ugly moustache stay put (espn story). He has been at Charlotte for nine years, with 5 NCAAs and 2 NITs.

  • The Big Brother will attempt to address hot button issues, such as text message spamming where coaches bombard and bother recruits all day and night. ... On a totally unrelated note, Kelvin Sampson just purchased a farm of carrier pigeons.
  • Dont' miss the Sunday edition of Outside the Lines (Sunday 930am eastern on ESPN) as they look at race in sports, including an interview with Jackie's widow, Rachel Robinson. Also participating are Jamelle Hill of ESPN Page 2, Dave Zirin of Slam Magazine and Warrick Dunn (NFL player).
  • Wichita State to hire Greg Marshall of Winthrop (reports ESPN), at $750K per year. Assuming he doesn't eject again... Winthrop jumped his salary from $250K to $400K a few months ago, but clearly they couldn't match the salary and the facilities and the higher profile of the Valley of Darkness (my name for the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) because it is so tough for the teams and the coaches (half of them were gone from this year!))
  • Hawaii will hire long time assistant Nash. His son is also a member of the team and a high profile recruit that Riley Wallace got to stay in the Islands. According to ESPN he was chosen among 71 candidates (I probably was one of them! ha!)
  • The Wizard of Westwood is released from the hospital (espn story).
  • On the NBA Draft 2007 side of things, Roy Hibbert and dancing Jeff Green will enter the draft. They will not sign with an agent (unless they decide to remain in the draft after the April 29 withdrawl deadline)... Meanwhile, Greg Oden's dad says he will enter the draft. Conley's dad would represent them. The other two also expected to go in (Mike Conley, Daequan Cook). Both ESPN stories.
  • The Big Brother
  • More later on...

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