Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And off to the NBA they go!

Not a shocker by any means, but some of this year's college underclassmen have recently announced for the NBA Draft.

  • Rudy Gay and Laptop Williams of UConn
  • Adam Morrison of Gonzaga
  • Tyrus Thomas of LSU

    Some of the juniors who have declared for the NBA draft may raise some eye-brows, but those who did not sign with an agent, did the right thing: You get a free evaluation by the NBA and you have nothing to lose as long as you play by the NBA/NCAA rules. Think of it as a virtual job interview a college junior has at the university's career center :-)

    In some coaching news, Florida's Grant takes over at VCU hoping to become the next Jeff Capel, while Temple assistant Dan Leib. takes over at Hartford.

    The biggest job openings are: NC State (Lon Kruger in the mix), Manhattan, SMU (Rob Evans?).

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