Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday update

  • Thanks to the HoopsCoach blog at WordPress for their link to this blog. The HoopsCoach blog covers everything from A to Z on coaching. Visit their blog for more...
  • Recruiting News: Mr Rutgers delivers, Fresno State gets a center, and Colorado gets a transfer. Details at 11 (or at Recruiting Wars).
  • Apparently Rush did not rush to the NBA, not only because he loved his Jayhawks, but also because he needs surgery. His brother JaRon Rush (of UCLA) had a similar injury...
  • Goodman's blog discusses the Brandon Rush injury, and has a long list of the players participating in the Orland Pre-Draft Camp. He also has a list of the players who will be attending the camp only for physicals. (Physicals-only prospects usually don't want to risk their status by actually playing - as silly as that may sound, that's how it is).
  • A Sea of Blue has commentary and links on the Billy Donovan contract extension saga.
  • Fran Fraschilla's story at Operation Hardwood at ESPN. (ESPN Insider story).
  • Craig Neal cannot coach boating skills? Steve Alford's top assistant and two players had minor injuries on a boat during an (NCAA sanctioned) exhibition trip of the team to the Bahamas.
  • While digesting the multi-billion dollar payments from CBS and other sponsors, the NCAA tries to figure out how to improve academics in men's basketball... Now I'm by no means an expert on all-things NCAA, but I cannot understand why players are not given more credits for the time they spent learning about basketball. If perhaps the NCAA was more honest in the way they handled student-athletes, the athletic programs wouldn't have to resort to signing players for bogus classes just to keep them eligible. But what do I know?
  • Sad news: Former Villanova player Howard Porter has died a few days after being viciously attacked. Yahoo Sports story

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