Tuesday, September 08, 2009

AT&T U-Verse DVR tempting for Hoops fans

If you are the gadget-type who like to plan ahead their gadget-powered college hoops season, please keep in mind that the new AT&T U-Verse video service that is making its way across the country is offering a much better DVR for college hoops fanatics: It can record FOUR programs at ONCE. So if UNC and Duke and Kentucky are playing at the same time, no problem! You can watch them all!

Also nice is that for an extra $7 a month, you can get DVR-players that feed off the main U-Verse DVR and can watch those games from different rooms. So if roommate A is a Dookie, he watches the Dooke game in his room. Roommate B watches the Kentucky game in his room, and roommate C throws a UNC watching party in the living room.

With more cable systems dropping analog channels and breaking your current recording situation (eg VHS records or DVRs with analog tuners), you will need to replace them.

Of course there's also online watching, but if you are a hardcore fan and want to save and analyze the games later on, you probably want to save them on disk or tape, since other than the NCAA tournament games, college hoops games are still not available for purchase :(

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