Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please go to six or more fouls, this is jj-redickulous!

This is crazy, let the players decide the games, not the middle-aged old men with the whistles and the baggage! The game is for the players to play! Poor Mississippi State lost two of their best players - if it wasn't for the disqualifications, they could have won the game in regulation!

Come on NCAA, you don't have to continue living in the middle ages! The 21st century is not that bad!


Dr Scratch said...

Well, if you went to six fouls, and called Jarvis Varnado for all of the fouls he actually commits, he would still be disqualified from the average game 6 minutes into the second half.

ncaahoops said...

I would prefer that they do away with foul disqualification all together and let the players play. But I doubt the powers that be would agree to this.

As to what fouls they should call, that's a story in its own right. The NCAA seriously needs to fix the whole refereeing system.

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