Friday, April 23, 2010

68 teams is a sensible expansion to the field

It's a good thing common sense still exists. It looks like the 96-team crazy-talk was shut off, and now the talk is a 68-team tournament. This is great news. Now one thing that they have to make sure is that the opening round should only include bubble teams. It's not fair to send all the smaller conference automatic bids to the opening round!

And I am not the only one who wants this! Dana O'Neill has a long writeup about this very topic at And Dana makes a great point - it would get the TV networks higher ratings if they have bubble-teams in the opening round, instead of small low-major schools that the majority of sports fans are not familiar with.

Lunardi is super-excited, he won't have to have a 96-team field to bracketologize for half a year :-)

Vitale tried to comment on this, but the most interesting thing he said is that complaining he paid $25 for a haircut :)

One of the coaches that would have probably been covered by the 68 one too many times is Seth Greenberg of Virginia Tech. Meanwhile, Jim Boeheim wants more - I guess he wants to play Vermont every year :-)

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