Friday, June 11, 2010

Oklahoma is Pacific coast beach-front now

It looks like the "suits" running the conferences have gone completely mad. Now the Pac-10 appears to want to assimilate every team east of New York. Nothing says Pacific Coast Conference like Oklahoma and Lubbock, Texas. Sorry son, you won't play at Pauly Pavilion this year - you get Lubbock instead. And you don't even get Bob Knight there!

The news of a 16-team mega Pac-10 conference are making the rounds on the internets and this is just insane. It looks like the Big 12 teams have given up on beating Kansas so they are all trying to bolt out for other conferences.

On the plus side, it could make for some interesting "culture wars" match-ups, Berkeley vs Stillwater, Eugene vs Lubbock, Palo Alto vs Norman.

Surely, this is all about the student-athletes, this is not professional sports. Not professional sports when it comes to paying the student-athletes without whom there wouldn't be NCAA sports. But everybody else seems to get paid and paid well - from the work of the student-athletes.

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