Friday, October 15, 2010

Kentucky Midnight Madness live on now!

Kentucky's 2010-2011 Midnight Madness is live right now at ESPN3 is what was and it is usually included for free by your internet service provider (eg AT&T, Comcast, etc). If you just tuned in and you see the "Please Stand By. This event will resume shortly" message it means they are on a commercial break, and ESPN3 is not showing the commercials. You are not missing any action. There is nothing wrong with your computer. Just wait for the commercial to end and the Midnight Madness netcast will resume :)

Also of interest, the ESPNU College Hoops podcast has a new episode with Doug Gottlieb and Andy Katz.

Wowie, it feels like yesterday that the Evil Empire of the Dookies stole yet another championship!

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