Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Louisville looks good (at exhibition game #2)

Thanks to the magic of ESPN3 I just watched Louisville's exhibition game #2. Holy cow, I couldn' believe it, this team looks promising too, with a good chance of a repeat. Harrell is a beast and as Bob V. mentioned during the game, he was a bit of a Tyler Hansbro "Psycho T" in that he never stopped being involved with the game. Chris Jones looked very good too. DJ Ware is back and that is just great news after that horrible injury. And he looks good too. The backcot (Pitino pronounciation) is loaded with Rozier and the other freshman too. Mango looks very promising as well. And this team is still missing Behanan and Hancock. But talent does not always equal results, and the impact of Siva and Gorgui Dieng, team wise, was a lot bigger than numbers and talent and NBA potential can tell.

Short of the 2006 Florida Gators team, Louisville has about as good of a chance for a repeat as any team is probably going to get in the modern era. It's just that this looks like a jam-packed at the top season with many of the big names having championship potential teams (Kentucky, Kansas, Puke, the two Michigans, Arizona, Marcus Smart State, etc), so repeating is going to be harder than it could have been on some other years.

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