Friday, August 25, 2006

Catching up with the latest news

  • Rick Pitino goes blogging. No, not a myspace website with dozens of multimedia files flashing in a chaotically crowded webpage. Rick Pitino will be blogging daily for the 10 days of practice his team is allowed before their foreign trip to Canada on September 1st. Day 1 has been posted already with some incidents: Andre McGhee to the hospital...
  • is back!. Things to read about: The ACC schedule, including a George Mason visit, a turnover by Andy Katz, and a surprise at Memphis: Jeremy Hunt is back!
  • Andrew Skwara of is quickly becoming a household name among college hoops fans. His latest long post, which is referenced by YocoHoops above as well, covers a lot of things. The main story is Herb Sendek's move out west. Other stories: ACC scheduling, Derrick Caracter weight watch (it's gonna be a popular topic during the season), former Georgia players on the move, Y. Idrissi is tranferring either to Iona (or is it Baylor?); and Kendrick Johnson to a JC.
  • CHN's 144 previews continue with St Marys, California without Powe(r), George MASON, Marist and Penn.
  • InsideHoops is a good place to find links to newspaper stories from all over the country
  • This week's semi-free Andy Katz blog talks about Randolph Morris at KY, Dickerson happy at Tulane (although Gary Williams could use his help right about now), and Tony Barbee goes crazy flying all over the country trying to hold on to UTEP recruits.
  • As always CSTV's daily news is packed with new news such as basketball schedules announced left and right, new unis at VaTech (Seth Greenberg is always up to something), Chaminade news, former players becomming assistant coaches, foreign tour results for UMass and others, and Billy Donovan delays signing a contract extension.
  • reports of ESPN's selection of the 2006-2007 bracketbuster teams. The actual matchups won't be selected until early 2007. A whooping 51 games will be played with 13 of them on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/etc. Jumping on the hot midmajor bandwagon all MVC and CAA teams will participate. (Don't want to miss the next George Mason or Bradley or Wichita State!)


    Anonymous said...

    you are so seth greenberg is always up to something...usually NO Good!

    ncaahoops said...

    That was a year ago!

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