Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stare like a zombie, into the TV

  • FIBA World Championship Basketball on:
    * ESPN2/2HD: Live Team USA games mostly
    * NBATV: Tape-delayed games (2 additional per day) + reruns of Team USA and earlier games
    * FSN and Fox College Sports: rebroadcasts of some of the NBATV broadcasts.
  • 90-minute highlight show of the 2006 Reebok Big Time AAU tourney on CSTV (multiple repeats)
  • 90-minute highlight show of the 2006 Reebok ABCD Camp tourney on CSTV (multiple repeats)
  • 30-minute summer edition of Seth Davis Generation Next at the ABCD Camp on CSTV (multiple repeats)
  • Also Fox College Sports is showing reruns of the various state championship games. Check local listings.

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