Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Game recap: Xavier vs Memphis

Free throws you say? OuCH! Outside shooting you say? OUCH! Shot selection you say? OUCH! Highly-touted kitten bumping into walls and defenders? OUCH!

There will be growing pains for this year's Memphis team, before they can reach a point where they can reach their potential as dictated by their experience and talent level. Conference USA teams, start watching this tape over and over, it's your chance to beat the 2008 NCAA co-champions!

Xavier is what Gonzaga should have been, but with not as much "buzz". They win consistently, they have post-season success, they build teams, not a collection of all-stars, and things like that. There is no "t" in Xavier, but there is a "t" in team. And that's what they are!

Our favorite Xavier team is probably the 2004 Elite 8 team of Thad Matta, this is the team that was ROBBED of an NCAA Final Four appearance because the ZEBRAS gave the Dookies every single 50-50 call in that unforgettable Elite 8 game.


Tim said...

Did Xavier ever come out with 2003-2004 highlight dvd? I got the chance to see the start of the run at the A-10 tournament up in Dayton, when Xavier shocked St. Jo's. What a great run!!!!

ncaahoops said...

I just checked at Amazon and didn't find them. I'm sure CBS must have the games on tape somewhere and should release at least the dramatic games - if not all!

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