Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recap: UT Chattanooga vs Memphis

This had the feel of a first round early morning NCAA tournament game, with Memphis playing the part of the top 16 seed, and UT-Chattanooga playing the part of the tough mid-major conference team.

All things considered, UT-Chattanooga did quite well, they never let up, and they did not let the Tigers blow them out. The former South Carolina shooter certainly wasn't shy about shooting, and he made quite a few of his "brave" shots.

As far as Memphis is concerned, the easiest way for players to increase their playing time is to show they can make three-pointers without taking too many of them. In today's game, D-Mack did just that, providing much-needed perimeter relief for the Tigers.

One player that Memphis could have used as a backup for special occasions is a player like Andre Allen, a short water-carrier-type point guard, for special matchup situations.

But don't cry for Calipari, his bench is loaded with versatile players, and while he may not have the power-big-man like Dorsey, he's got plenty of everything else. Players like Roburt Sullie, Wesley Witherspoon, D-Mack, Jeff Robinson could start on a lot of teams!

However, the two Tigers games so far have shown some big holes, and when facing a Top 40 team, things could be a lot different for the Tigers, because they are likely to punish them more when they miss perimeter shots, and they will be longer and athletic in filling up the paint and forcing them to prove their perimeter shooting over and over.

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