Sunday, December 14, 2008

CBS debuts, no Billy Packer and a great game!

CBS made its 2008-2009 season debut with a great game between the Memphis Tigers and the Georgetown Hoyas, and even better, NO MORE BILLY PACKER! Yeeehaaaaa!

The very abrasive Billy Packer, who was caught by the CBS microphones during the NCAA tournament "MILFing" on Stephen Curry's mom, is GONE! Go back to the ACC blackout games where you belong Billy Packer :-)

Clark Kellogg is certainly an upgrade, although Billy Packer has managed to fill up the CBS line-up with "stiffs" (serious guys), while some of the most famous basketball analysts and announcers were ignored because they were too "loud" (Dookie Vitale, Marques Johnson of FSN, Gus Johnson, etc).

Now can you please get rid of Tim Brando? :-)

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