Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week #3 of the BlogPoll is out!

The new edition of the Blogger's BlogPoll is out and Kansas is crying? Check it out at March to Madness.

Some quick opinions:
* I love seeing Pitt at #2. Wake me up when they beat an Elite 8 caliber team :-)

* I've only seen PitinoVille play only once so far, and it was the disasterous game against Western Kentucky. If they are that bad, they won't even make the NIT!

* GoneZaga looks like a team with onions for a change. Gone are the DiVas (Ammo) and the little kiddies (Raivio). Did Mark Few honestly think he could go to the Final Four with a 15-year-old as his point guard? (Nothing against Raivio, this is on Mark Few).

* Clemson is doing well again. January paging Clemson :)

* Forgot about Dre Ohio State? They are loaded with talent, and Thad Matta has not forgotten how to coach! Can they make up for inexperience and lack of Oden/etc and have a final four run? Let's not forget it was Thad Matta's non-superstar Xavier team that should have gone to the Final Four in 2004, but unfortunately the zebras and the NCAA had to make sure the Pukies advanced ;-)

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