Monday, March 20, 2006

After one week of March Madness...

  • Nevada got a taste of its own medicine. They got beat up by Montana the same way they beat up Gonzaga two years ago. The difference between being the hunter and the hunted!
  • The coaching carousel is spinning and spinning. Expect more firings in the next few days. The Final Four will be produce a lot of gossip and rumors.
  • The Big 10 bubble has burst. The overall RPI can be misleading. People should be paying more attention to the OOC SOS before annointing the Big 10 as the top conference:-)
  • The Seven-Footers have made a comeback! Aaron Gray -vs- Patrick O'Bryant, Morris/Shagari -vs- Boone/Armstrong, Hibbert, and a few more.
  • Bonehead player of the week: Darrel Mitchel of LSU. Yes he saved the day with a last-second GW 3-pointer, but the last 3-4 positions he screwed up by hoisting 3s instead of using the clock and getting the ball inside to Big Baby. If he is out of control like that, LSU has no chance of surviving the Blue Chevy Devils.
  • What is it with Illinois and Pac10 schools? We all remember last year's meltdowns with Arizona. More of the same in the game against Washington but this time the Pac10 team won.
  • Chairs chairs chairs! Bob Knight has a Radio Shack TV commercial where he is kicking and abusing a red chair. Roy Williams did that towards the end of the George Mason game.
  • Rudy Gay is one of the four Naismith award finalists? What are they smoking? Are they voting based on a player's performance during the season or the NBA Draft potential?
  • CBS should really consider retiring Dick Engberg and Verne Linquist. They are losing it. They are missing obvious things, and they have lost their touch. They may be legendary announcers, but it's time for change.
  • The paint job on the Auburn Hills floor was cool, but I don't think they realized it makes it harder to watch the game on TV.
  • With so many Big 12 job openings, most of the MVC coaches looking for bigger job$ will get their chance.
  • Happy Trails Wayne Morgan (Iowa State), and Hampton coach
  • Is Stan Heath in trouble? For a team loaded with talent, they seem to be underachieving year after year.
  • ESPN is paying Digger Phelps the big bucks for this kind of analysis: "UConn is going to win because they are on a mission". "Nova is going to win because they are on a mission". Can I get a job like that too?
  • The CBS feature on Sean Dockery features a short interview with Coach Chevy. (oops Coach K). What was weird was the choice of background, which essentially made Coach K's head float in the foreground. Rather bizarre but funny.
  • To paraphrase Coach K: "nothing is more powerful than the truth, and the truth is Coach K is a sellout". He is now selling Chevy cars. What next?
  • The quote of the year belongs to Tom Brennan: "Sometimes you are the pigeon, sometimes you are the statue".

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