Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Madness!

  • Just 20 hours away before the first Tip Off.
  • Those not watching "Knight School" may find this tidbit a bit interesting: One of Bob Knight's hunting partners is a minister. A minister shooting-to-kill sounds a bit ...strange to put it in mildly.
  • Random March Madness links:,,
  • Reading Time: Check out this book on how March Madness came to be so big. The title of the book is ... "How March Became Madness".

    March Madness on TV
  • Both CSTV and ESPN News are carrying out press conferences. CSTV will have a seven-hour block covering all press conferences. And if you miss it, the whole seven hour block will repeat later tonight! ESPN's Cold Pizza has many madness-related features as well, and just about every other ESPN regular show.
  • Check with your local CBS station as you may be able to watch two different games. Typically the premium game(s) of the four-game block are in HDTV, so if your local game is not the premium game, then it may be able on the HDTV channel of your local CBS affiliate. Some of the TV listings are not updated or are inconsistent, so be sure to check thoroughly :-)

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