Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Madness - the ultimate unscripted reality show

  • Arguably one of the wildest NCAA tourneys of the last few years. Certainly George Mason is the biggest story of them all.
  • It is now clear that the remarkable Coach K has major issues when it comes to winning Sweet 16 games without the help of the Selection Cmte or the Officials. Scoreboard!
  • It looks like the much maligned 2005 Senior Class at Michigan State (Anderson, Hill, Tolbert, etc) was better than most thought. Without those players they couldn't even get out of the first round.
  • The draft declarations are coming in left and right!
  • Ben Howland promised a fun game during his press conference before the Memphis game. Everyone who paid for tickets for that game should ask Mr Howland for a refund!
  • Funny how a coach goes from Struggler to Genius when they get talented players. Case in point: John Brady @ LSU, and Billy Donovan @ Florida - among many others.

    Coaching Carousel
  • Looking for a coach: Indiana, Seton Hall, UAB, Arizona State
  • Huggins was clearly aggitated by the same-old questions asked by the drone at ESPN-News. But Huggins knew he had to be polite and civilized, so he kept calm.
  • This is the wildest of all. I hoped it was an April Fool's day joke but we are not there yet: Henry Bibby got a 2nd interview at Temple. This is crazy! Why oh why on earth would anyone want that head case?
  • The bizareness continues at Missouri as the are about to fire the AD only after they let him hire their next coach, which apparently they didn't want. The situation is almost as messy as Quin Snyder's hair. Needless to say Mike Anderson will get on the Hot Seat faster than if he was hired by the TBD AD with the blessings of all involved with the Missouri program. Bizarre! They should have hired someone to do their homework - perhaps a USC student? :-)

    Knight School
    With Knight School concluding tonight (I have not seen the season finale yet), here are a couple of thoughts: Knight must have known he was in for a very bad season because his reality TV walkons were beating (!) his scholarship players during the filming of the reality show.

    And another thing: [This is a spoiler for those who haven't seen the 2nd to last episode, so stop reading right here!]: After all the hooplah and drama for chosing the last two players, the choices made were rather simple: They picked the two tallest remaining players. That took the air out of the excitement of the reality show, as the little guys essentially had no chance as Knight & Assistants went for height when push came to shove.

  • Lots of interesting stuff posted at
  • I found this a little bit late, but here is an NIT bracket projection:

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