Friday, July 18, 2008

Relive the 2008 NCAA tournament on CSTV (CBS College Sports)

Starting Monday July 21, 2008 at 9am pacific time, CBS College Sports (aka CSTV) will be rebroadcasting select games from the 2008 NCAA tournament. They are obviously picking the exciting games, as they don't want to bore us with repeat-ZZZzz games. Here is a preliminary schedule, but be sure to check and double-check with local listings for exact games and air times. All times here at pacific!

Monday July 21
9am: Georgia vs Xavier
11am: Kansas vs Portland State
1pm: Temple vs Michigan State
3pm: Kent State vs UNLV
5pm: Baylor vs Purdue
7pm: Kentucky vs Marquette
***: all these repeat overnight

Tuesday July 22
9am: Oral Roberts vs Pitt
11am: Cornell vs Stanford
1pm: Washington State vs Winthrop
3pm: Kansas State vs USC (OJ Mayo vs Michael Beasley!)
5pm: BYU vs Texas A&M
7pm: Belmont vs Duke (Go Belmont!)
***: games repeat overnight

Wedn July 23
9am: Miss V St vs UCLA
11am: Cal State Fullerton vs Wisconsin
1pm: George MASON vs Notre Dame
3pm: Arizona vs West Virginia
5pm: Davidson vs GoneZaga
7pm: Drake vs Western Kentucky
***: games repeat overnight

Thursday July 24
9am: American vs Tennessee
11am: Miami vs St Mary's
1pm: Butler vs South Alabama
3pm: UMBC vs Georgetown
5pm: Austin Peay vs Texas
7pm: San Diego Vs UConn
***: games repeat overnight

Friday July 25
9am: Mount St Marys vs North Carolina-ouch!
11am: Boise State vs PitinoVille (Louisville)
1pm: UTSA vs Memphis
3pm: Siena vs Vandy
5pm: Oklahoma vs St Joe's
7pm: Mississippi State vs Oregon
***: games repeat overnight

Saturday July 26
9am: Arkansas vs Indiana
11am: Clemson vs Villanova
1pm: Belmont vs Duke
3pm: UConn vs San Diego
5pm: Drake vs Western Kentucky
***: games repeat overnight

Sunday July 27
9am: Notre Dame vs Washington State
11am: Kansas vs UNLV
1pm: Texas A&M vs UCLA
3pm: Marquette vs Stanford
***: repeat overnight

Monday July 28
12pm: Michigan State vs Pitt
2pm: Butler vs Tennessee
4pm: San Diego vs Western Kentucky
6pm: Davidson vs Georgetown
***: repeat overnight

Tuesday July 29
9am: Wisconsin vs Kansas State
11am: Louisville vs Oklahoma
1pm: Purdue vs Xavier
3pm: Siena vs Nova
5pm: duke vs WEST VIRGINIA (Go Thuggins! Beat the Dookies!!!)
7pm: Miami vs Texas (teacher vs pupil)
***: repeat overnight

Wednesday July 30
9am: Arkansas vs North Carolina
11am: Kansas vs Nova
1pm: Stanford vs Texas
3pm: UCLA vs Western Kentucky
5pm: Mississippippi vs Co-Champions Memphis
7pm: Davidson vs Wisconsin
***: repeat overnight

Thursday July 31
9am: Washington State vs North Carolina
11am: Michigan State vs Memphis (co-champions)
1pm: Louisville vs Tenneseeeee
3pm: more coming up, bookmark this post and visit again!

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