Friday, July 25, 2008

Time for CBS to clean house and reboot their TV commentators!

Hopefully Billy Packer was just the beginning of a clean-up job at CBS's March Madness coverage, which by the way you can relive right now on CSTV.

Normally I would charge for this, but I'm feeling generous, so CBS, here is what you need to do!

Keep and give them a bonus!

  1. Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis, Bryan Gumble
  2. Bill Raftery, Len Elmore, Jay Bilas
  3. Gus Johnson

They need to be replaced no matter what
  1. Jim Nantz (go back to Golf!)
  2. Verne Lindquist (please go back to the senior's PGA tour)
  3. Dick Enberg (recite essays during halftime, don't call games)
  4. Tim Brando (idiotically annoying)
  5. Bob Wenzel (no need to explain!)

Keep only if you can't find anyone better
  1. G-Man (Mike Gminski) and Dan Bonner - monotonous make good games boring
  2. Ian "Ion" Eagle and Jim Spinarkel (Yellow Pages are more exciting)
  3. The high-school kid from CSTV (he's actually older)

Who should be added
  1. Marques Johnson
  2. Doris Burke
  3. Pete Gillen
  4. Tom Brennan
  5. Steve Lavin
  6. Dan Shuman without Vitale
  7. reunite trio of Bilas, Raftery and Sean "McDonut" during second week of the tourney

Do not invite!
  1. Dick Vitale
  2. Mike Patrick
  3. Steve Lapas
  4. Mike Jarvis
  5. Jimmy Dykes
  6. Fran Fraschilla
  7. Dan Belluomini and Barry Thompkins (he was the one doing the KFC "crunchy on the outside, spicy on the inside" ads during the FSN Pac-10 games)


Anonymous said...

There is one other person I would invite: "Donny Mac" aka Don MacLean.

ncaahoops said...

West coast representation!

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