Monday, July 14, 2008

The witch is gone! Billy Packer out as CBS lead analyst!

Today on Mike and Mike, the slim Mike was reading a story from the Miami Herald saying that CBS will be replacing Billy "Fudge" Packer with studio analyst Clark Kellogg as their lead basketball analyst during game broadcasts!

Finally we are getting rid of Packer! Woohoo :) Of course Kellogg is about as dry as Packer, but he does not have the abrasive and toxic personality of Billy Packer.

So the TV analyst carousel is spinning, who is going to replace Clark Kellogg as the lead studio analyst? Perhaps Seth "Golfer" Davis will move as the #1 lead spot, but who is going to be his runner up? Or will CBS go for a big name analyst to replace Kellogg as the #1 analyst?

Remember, Packer was also enforcing a "no fun" policy at CBS, which is why we see a long list of "dry" analysts and commentators.

Does this change also mean a change of direction? Will we see more "fun" and "exciting" analysts making the game "younger"? After all, they are talking about college basketball, not the seniors PGA tour! Will the CSTV team win over the frozen-in-evolution Packer-ites?

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