Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daily Tourney Talk (Tuesday)

  • The biggest story so far (off the court) is the situation at Kentucky and Michigan. A Sea of Blue has a nice story recapping reaction from fans and media on the Kentucky front... My opinion: At the start of the season I thought this was a non-issue, but as things developed during the season, I am now starting to think that it might be in the best interest of both Tubby and Kentucky if they go their separate ways. Tubby could become the next Izzo or Gary Williams at a place like Michigan or Tubby can give the NBA a shot because the last time Tubby coached NBA players (1998 Kentucky) he won the national title...

  • A feature on the Ewings (no, not Dallas) and the Thompsons on today's edition of Outside the Lines. Airs on ESPN at 1230pm pacific / 330pm eastern.
  • The first two NIT quarterfinals will air on ESPN tonight, at 4pmPT/7pmET and 6pmPT/9pmET: Florida State at Mississippiiii State and the feisty NC State at West Virginia. Kudos to the NCAA for making the NIT a more streamlined and competitive tourney. No longer can the high-major programs take the NIT for granted. They have to earn an NIT bid! No NIT for you this year: UConn, Iowa, Washington. These teams would have usually gotten an NIT bid because the field was 40 and there were no automatic bids two years ago. No more Greg Escherick (of "he's just a kid" fame) declining NIT bids because he was too good for them (ha!)... The other two NIT quarterfinals were air on ESPN on Wednesday at the same time slots.

  • TV Guide
    *** Two three-game blocks of classic games on CSTV today, one starts at 930am PT/1230pmET and the other at 3amPT/6amET (Wedn).
    *** Also don't miss College Gamenight at 9pm PT on ESPN, and the March Madness Coaches Show on FSN and Fox College Sports at 3pm, 4pm and 930pm PT...
    *** Also don't miss the last installment of the six-part series Pistol Pete Diaries on Fox College Sports. Feature they do Mark Kriegel, the writer of the latest book on Pistol called "Pistol: The Life of Pistol Pete Maravich".

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