Saturday, September 29, 2007

Preparing for 2007-08: Scouting the Roundball Classic

The Roundball classic was not as easy to scout as the Nike Hoops Summit because of the format and the way it was broadcast (smaller viewable area, many on-camera interviews interrupting the game). So I wasn't able to gather as much as I did from the Hoops Summit.

Some of the players that had a decent game or impressed me or exceeded expectations):

  • OJ Mayo: He had a good game, but towards the end of the game he transformed. He tried to single-handedly make a comeback but his teammates, more speficially highly overrate Taylor King failed him. Mayo hit some clutch shots and even had a Jordanesque move (in the house that Judden built)
  • DeAndre Jordan: He is going to be a factor in the paint. With the proper training and basketball growth, he has NBA 1st rounder written all over him. Texas A&M and Mark "AASAA" Turgeon will be thrilled they were able to hold on to him despite the Gillispie exodus.
  • Corey Fisher: Watch out Big East, the four guard line-up is coming back! He had a very good game, dishing left and right, and slicing and dicing into the paint. He already has good rapport (I don't know what this word means but I was told to use it) with Nova teammate Corey Stokes.
  • Kevin Love: The big fundamental. He is an impact player in the paint, but his passing is also something special. Assuming Ben Howland allows him to outlet pass that far ahead :)
  • Johnnie Flynn: He had another solid game, Cuse fans should be thrilled!
  • The talent is there: Anthony Randolph, Evan Turner, James Harden: Talented and versatile players they had their impact on the game.
  • RAW potential: Alexis Wangmeme (going to Texas) and local Nyal Koshwal (to DePaul). They are still learning the game, but they have a lot of upside.
  • Chris Allen: Izzo is going to be glad he got this guy. A 6'4" versatile wing is just what the doctor ordered for Izzo State.
  • Also good games: JJ Hickson of NC State and Justin Burell of St Johns.

    The Big O (Overrated)
  • Taylor King was by far the most overrated and undeserving player to be included. Usually the only way a player like Taylor King would be included in such games is if he was a local player, and there was no other local player in the all-star roster. But we know why Taylor King was included - two reasons: Duke and the R word (race).
  • The Big O twice as Greg Ostertag Cole Aldrich showed that he is more of a top 100 player than a top 50 player. The three all-star games usually gather the top 50 players, 24 at McDonalds and an additional 12 each at Jordan and Roundball, since players are only allowed to play two out of three if they want to retain their NCAA eligibility (who came up with that rule?). No one has said no to the McDonalds game in favor of the Roundball and Jordan - providing they were eligible and selected for the McCholesterol Game.

    The remaining players had okay games, or did not get as much air time or I did not pay as much attention to them: Rico Pickett, Alex Legion, Darquavis Tucker, LaceDarius Dunn, Gani Lawal, and Demetri McCamey.

    Next up, the Jordan Classic. Stay tuned!

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