Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Night Hoops!

  • Tired of Monday Night Football? Here's some Monday Night Hoops!
  • If you haven't had a chance to look at the preseason blogger's top 25 poll, have a look! Agree? Disagree? You can also vote in the Unspun poll which is open to everyone on the internet! March to Madness which has done a great job organizing the poll has reader reactions to the poll.
  • Did You Know? VCU's Anthony Granted recruited A-Rod way back when says Goodman. This will make Vitale an even bigger fan of Grant and VCU, except Grant and VCU defeated Vitale's favorite Dookies! It's unbelievable baby!!!!!!!
  • A Sea of Blue is counting down to Midnight Madness that ushers the Billy G era at UK!
  • Speaking of Midnight Madness, it doesn't look good TV wise for a national audience, so far there is nothing planned (I am intentionally ignoring ESPNU until ESPN and the cable companies (Comcast etc) stop acting like drama queens and reach a sensible carriage agreement). ESPN News may be our best chance.
  • The previews are streaming at March Madness All Season. Some of the latest posts include a long list of players who have the biggest shoes to fill, literally and figuratively, break out performers, goto guys, mid-major stars which includes Duke Slayer Eric Mayor and Josh Shroomvelt. That along with three point shooters, best defenders and at the rate student athletes are getting in trouble we are going to need a best offenders category :)
  • March to Madness reports of Izzo Madness, while the quest for the next OJ Mayo continues with EM.
  • It's hard not to be cynical when you see stories like these because of the way coaches abuse their power. Apparently Washington State junior Taylor Rochestie will give up his scholarship in 2008-09 so Wazoo can sign a touted Floridian recruit. Apparently his family is fine with paying what appears to be out of staet tuition ($25k per year). I'm not saying this particular case is not so, but there are so many other cases where a player makes a "decision" but if you look closely you will find the coaches Johnston's and Murphy's footprint on the player's derrier.
  • SEC, The Good, The Bad and the Dirty asks can Tennessee overcome its chemistry problems? Also an update on 2008 Scotty Hopson and JeJuan Brown.
  • Are you ready for some college football?
  • Rush the Court has posted a round-up of round ups talking Ben Howlin Wolf, Izzo Madness, Calhoun's Holy Cross, as well as a conference primer on the Atlantic Sun.
  • From the desk of Publish or Parrish, we have a story on Don Monson and Gonzaga, Minnessooootta, Long Beach State.
  • Brandon Rush is featured in this Rivals story. Meanwhile the Rivals Top 64 countdown continues.
  • More previews at CHN , famous for their top 144 previews that start early in the summer!
  • Last but not least a blog update, we are running behind schedule on the Scouting posts. The next scouting post will be on the McDonalds All American game sometime towards the end of this week.
  • How do you think the class of 2007 projects in the NBA? CHN takes a swag.
  • March Madness of a different kind at Gonzaga blog La Rev.
  • And you better plan ahead for the upcoming season. How are you going to record your favorite games? Your trust VCR? Or go with a TiVo or a DVD recorder or a cable DVR? A PC? Some of these devices have a learning curve, so it's better to get them earlier and get comfy with them before the new season starts. Which brings us to our tech-talk article on How to record your favorite TV games.
  • If today's post sounds more incoherent than usual it's because I'm under the weather. And the weather is heavy ;-)

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