Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tape-delayed live-blogging the Mountain West (WWC) Media Slam

We are tape-delayed-live-blogging the Mountain West media days on The Mtn and CSTV!

First up, new Air Force coach Jeff Reynolds with senior Tim Anderson. Air Force is in a major rebuilding mode with new coach and a number of seniors graduating. Gone is coach Jeff Busy-deli-k (Bzdelik) who flew to a BCS job. A topic of discussion was their patented match-up defense that gives opponents headaches. On offense tweaks will be made to take advantage of the available personnel. The hosts reminded them of last season's NIT game against DePaul.

Next up, the BYU Cougars! If you haven't guessed, teams are presented in alphabetic order. Coach Dave Rose and player Sam Burgress are representin the Cougars. Plaidstead (sp?) and Cummard are the returning leaders. BYU took a summer trip to the country that makes fries. BYU is on a 31-game home winning streak, only 2nd to Calipari's Tigers, and six wins ahead of #3 The Thad Matta State. Coach Rose (no relation to Jalen or Derrick Rose) was a member of Guy Lewis's Final Four teams at Houston. This may be ouchy for his current players: "Need to recruit better players".

And now Colorada State without NBAer Jason Smith, but with 7-footer Stuart Creason and new coach Tim Miles (who? wasn't he at North Dakota State?). Interestingly, Creason drops a reference to Athlon's preview magazine's statistics. I reviewed the 2007-2008 Athlon college basketball magazine just a few days ago! Miles plays motion and "common-sensical basketball". Motion offense and packing it in the paint on defense is a recipe for ... slugfest!. Expect misery at CSU as they only have 7 eligible scholarship players. RPI #300 here we come? But he looks forward to the two D1 transfers sitting out and the four players coming in next year (2008-2009). Tim Miles confessed he needs a straightjacket. He's on record!

And now Steve Alford with peppers and chili in his eggs, along with former KU and troubled wing JR Giddens, and guard Darren Prentice. The defense is in they say. The Bob Knight influence? And can the players beat Steve Alford in a game of horse? Will Alford make The Pit rock again? Alford sees similarities between the Mountain West and the Big 10 fans even though he is not particularly familiar with the Southwest. Meanwhile JR Giddens very briefly addressed some of his past issues. Meanwhile Tony Dandridge is out, so that hurts their chances. And yes, another made for TV game, Bob Knight vs Steve Alford, Texas Tech vs New Mexico. It does well TV wise, doesn't it? Will Frannie Fraschilla be the analyst and interview those two together? :)

The MTN reminds us that they will cover a total of 71 men's basketball games on their network. If you don't get the Mtn, call your cable or satellite provider and politely demand The Mtn. Or as Jim Rome puts it, "bang your monkey!". Some of those games may also be shown nationwide on CSTV and Versus.

And now Michigan San Diego State coach Steve Fisher who brought some lambs with him, player Chris Lamb. Gone is Florida transfer M. Abukar and scoring machine Heath. Fisher also talked about Marquette transfer space-eater Ryan Amoroso. Will he have more 30+ point games like he did at the 2006 Alaska Shootout? Steve Fisher also gave his quick analysis on the league, seeing five teams as conference contenders and considers the league as a multi-bid league. Gone from the team is Doug Gottlieb's brother, former SDSU assistant coach.

Next up, we go to TCU with former Ole Roy assistant Neil Dougherty accompanied by players Brent Hackett and Cal transfer (and former Kansas player brother) Kevin Langford. The Ole Roy connection again? Rumor has it the team got lost in the Rain Forest. Figuratively or ??? Does it remind you of a South Park episode?

And now we have Lon Kruger fully recovered from his heart operation. He is reminded of their Sweet 16 run and accompanies by Curtis Terry (related to former Arizona and current NBA star Jason Terry). But this is going to be a different season for the Tarkanian Rebels, only one starter is back!

Next up Utah with new head coach Jim Boylen. Jim who? Bring back Majerus!!! He is accompanied by the big Australian center Luke Nevill and guard Johnnie Bryant.

Last but not least, the Wyoming basketball programwith new head coach Heath Schroyer. Who? WWhere do they find these guys? :) Brad Jones and Brandon Ewing are accompanying the head coach on the set. He reminds fans of their mandhandling victory over the Zags in the NCAAs a few years ago.

That's all folks! Check out lots of Mountain West games on the Mtn in Mountain West areas, and CSTV and Versus nationwide. And as Jim Rome said, if you want it added to your cable/satellite line-up, bang your monkey!


Jeff Bowler said...

No wonder why the Mountain west, and the A-10, MVC, Big Sky, Big West, and Horizon are mid-major schools because nobody in the media ever wants to discuss or want to help publicize these schools nationally!! To even watch these teams we have to go to some 3rd teir TV station to get it. You show teams like Duke and NC and Kansas and Texas and Notre Dame all he freakin time even though they might not have even won a game!! Why dont you help the little guy out and get them up to the Major conferences!! but we wouldnt want to do that because then the big confeneces would lose all their money that they get from people like you advertizing for them all teh freakin time! I'm so sick of east coast school bias for all college sports! Share the love!

ncaahoops said...

And the TV contracts get bigger and bigger. But with the Big 10 getting its own network, it will free up space on ESPN's Full Court at least for some mid-majors.

Its only a matter of time before the "3rd tier" networks pick up momentum. Since CBS bought CSTV, they can push them up the ladder. Versus may be a tougher sell on cable/satellite systems who don't like Comcast.

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