Saturday, March 13, 2010

CBS please have Marques Johnson be the analyst for the Pac10 Championship

Part of the March Madness Championship Week silliness created by TV contracts is that sometimes you have analysts that have never watched the teams be the analysts for the conference championship games. This is ridiculous. Why fly some clueless idiot like Bob Wenzel to call the Pac-10 conference championship game, when you have the premiere Pac-10 basketball analyst right here in Los Angeles, already covering the conference games for FSN!

In addition to that, Marques Johnson is very qualified and a great analyst to be added to the NCAA Tournament team. Sadly Billy Packer heavily influenced the selection of March Madness analysts over the years, and a number of "even keeled" (read: BORING) analysts are part of the eight-analyst rotation.

So CBS, please ADD Marques Johnson to your March Madness analyst rotation!!!

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