Thursday, March 18, 2010

The overhyped Big Yeast collapses like a House of Cards

Every year, the constant hype of the Big East and the ACC by the ESPN family of networks is probably responsible for at least two non-deserving bids for teams from those two conferences. This year, the Big East is turning out to be the Big Hype! Georgetown got humiliated by the tough Ohio of Ohio from start to finish. Villanova stumbled thanks to a few lucky breaks and avoided a very embarrassing loss the #15. And Marquette, despite its Top 24 seed, could not beat the automatic-bid from the Pac-10.

And this brings us to Duke. It looks like the CBS and NCAA elites were feeling too uncomfortable with Duke not reaching the Final Four in quite a while, so they OLE'd the Duke region, creating an almost rose-pedaled path for the sleazy Dookies to make it to Indianapolis. Assuming of course they can escape the winner of PitinoVille vs California.

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