Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zebras hand Duke Final Four berth (once again)

Why risk letting the players decide the games when it comes to the almighty Dookies? The zebras have to be the sixth-player. A very key and very wrong call towards the end of the game took a two-and-a-free-throw from Acy and an earlier fifth foul from Lumberjack-Zoubek, and instead gave the ball to the Dookies and broke Baylor's momentum. No wonder Duke has such a lovely record! It's six against one!

This of course is still not as bad as the highway robbery that was the Duke vs Xavier Elite 8 game in the early 00s, but still, this blown key call turned the momentum in Duke's favor.

Time for the 300+ NCAA colleges to DEMAND that the NCAA and referees be held accountable in a court of Law for twisting things in favor of Duke!

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