Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wow, Steve Lavin goes to St John's

Holy cow! Steve Lavin is leaving TV and not for a quiet "safe" job. He is going all out at Saint John's. He was just interviewed on ESPN2 during the NIT semifinal and there he revealed that Gene Keady may come-in as well in advisory role. One of the interviewees was former St. John's head coach Franny Franchilla.

Lavin said that he wants to have a staff of seasoned assistants, including current/former head-coaches. Essentially they do the coaching, he does the public relations :-)

Lavin was gearing up to become Dick Vitale 2.0, but this disruption may set back his TV analyst career. But then again, how long is he going to last at St. John's? Many have tried, but none has succeeded there in the post-Lou era.

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