Sunday, January 01, 2006

ACC Rewind

Duke Despite being shaky - partly because of DeMarcus Nelson has missed a few games, the Dookies have beaten a handful of good teams, so love them or hate them, the ESPN darlings are one of the best teams in division 1. Although from what I have seen so far, I have a feeling that this team may get hounced in the Sweet 16.

NC State Is this the Year of the Herb? Two road wins already at ND and at Alabama. Is this the year NC State breaks into the Elite 8? They have the depth and the talent, and the modified Princeton offense which makes it hard for opponents to prepare for in the NCAA tournament if they haven't faced similar teams.

Maryland Is Duke's Nemesis back? The Terrapins have been shakey this year, but they have done well so far.

Wake Forest Will they go down in history as the most over-rated and flakey team of all time? Year after year WF posts great numbers, but when it comes to crunch time, they flake. This year, after losing their two point guards (Chris Paul and the underrated Downey), they have more reasons (and excuses) when they flake out.

North Carolina A team full of freshman running Roy's system sounds like a recipe for unpredictability. But Ole Roy is that good, and an NCAA bid would not be a surprise.

Georgia Tech Rebuilding year for sure. They have lost as much as UNC, even though their losses were not the big names of UNC.

Boston College How is life in the ACC for the undermanned Eagles? One thing is for sure, this team will surprise us one way or another.

Florida State This team has had the "almost there" feeling for the last few years. Will this be the year L. Hamilton's team breaks out? NIT more likely.

Miami Three guards that every single team in the ACC has now scouted and analyzed. They need to stir the pot, otherwise the recipe for shutting them down is public domain.

Virginia Tech Reigning ACC coach of the year Seth Greenberg (!!!), almost pulled out the W of his life by beating Duke @ CIS. Will that be the highlight of the season for the Hokies?

Virginia If this was the NFL draft, they would get Reggie Bush. Apparently Leito did not want to play him mentor (Calhoun) 2-3 times a year in the Big East so he ejected for this ...job. Rebuilding Virgina is a shakey/iffy project at best.

Clemson Cupcakes upon cupcakes and then reality. They may get snubbed by the NIT even.

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