Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend breakdown


  • Georgetown gets an NCAA-bid-worthy win over Duke
  • West Virginia holds off Farmar's comeback and gets a big W at Pauly Pavilion

  • Clemson steals one at Ga Tech
  • Maryland beats VaTech but loses McCray
  • North Carolina steals one at FSU. FSU has been on the brink of a breakout for the last ten years it seems. Still on the brink...

  • Arizona outgrinds Cal to a W. This is almost like a new season for Arizona with Rodgers and McClelland gone and Fendi Onobun lifting his redshirt.
  • Stanford wins at ASU thanks to a career high by Haryasz playing in front of his family (visiting from Page, AZ)
  • Washington beats the Nike Ducks

    Big (y)East
  • Gameday feature: UConn easily beats the spirited but Dean-less Lousville Cardinals. Making an occasional 3 helps. The only ring Pitino has a chance to get this year is the NIT ring :)
  • The Red Storm is back! Back to back Ws over Lousville and Pitt. They handed Pitt its first loss on the day the Johnies all-time-greats were honored. This has been a milestone week for Norm Roberts and has probably accelerated his rebuildling project. Imagine if half of the NY-based players on Pitt's rosters were playing for the StJohns! The future is bright for Norm Roberts.
  • Syracuse flakes once again before attempting a comeback. If G-Mac is not the most overrated player, then who is? Good win for Villanova as it keeps them in Tier 1 of the Big East (along with UConn and West Virginia)
  • Providence edges DePaul by one. Someone had to win that one.

    Big 12
  • Oklahoma beats Texas Tech. Oklahoma is still overrated.
  • Baylor is now looking at a winless season. Ouch!
  • Kansas drops the hammer on Nebraska. Bill Self is still overrated.

    Big Eleven (aka Big 10)
  • Michigan State drops the hammer on Iowa
  • Once upon a time a big game, Indiana walks all over Purdue
  • Dee Brown wakes up, Illinois wins at Northwestern

  • Duke has Redick. The Zags have Adam Morrison. Duke stole one on a last minute three by Dockery. The Zags stole one with EK's first three of the season.
  • The Tigers continue to own C-USA (this time they win @ So Miss)
  • UAB squeaks by Houston (pun intended)
  • Northwestern State meets Southeastern Lousianna: two teams that created a stir with their out of conference wins earlier in the season.

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