Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekend Rewind

  • It may feel good for fans to chant "overrated" when beating a ranked opponent but if they stop and think, they would realize that once you beat a team, you want to convince everyone they were VERY VERY good, because that makes your victory even BETTER. Chanting "overrated" does not help, but it "feels good" :)
  • TV talking heads do not seem to grasp the difference between a "short bench" and a "short rotation". Take Duke for example. They don't have a short bench. They have a short rotation. Duke has Top 100 recruits sitting on the pine (Boatang, Boykin, Pocius) and not playing because Coach K doesn't want to play them. That's a short rotation. Short bench means you don't have anybody there, or just walkons. Get it?
  • More and more weekend preview shows have sprung up on the national level. CSTV's Crystal Ball (1hour long) has transitioned from football to basketball, and it is shown every Wednesday night (along and multiple reruns). ComcastSports has its own show with Bob Wenzel (Basketball Weekly every Friday afternoon). ESPN finally woke up and added a Friday preview edition of College Gamenight.
  • What was strange about the Arizona-North Carolina game? Both small forwards were actually of NBA small forward size, something rare in the college game (Marcus Willliams and Rayshawn Terry).
  • Redick and Morrison each score 40+
  • Louisville is in trouble. They may not even make it to the Big East tournament, let alone the NIT or the NCAA.
  • Is this Pitt team really for real?
  • While the Pac10 is officially struggling, the ACC has quietly managed to be almost as bad as the Pac10. The Seton Hall rout at NC State points in that direction.
  • The post-season NIT may end having a regional filled with Pac10 teams
  • The Missouri Valley may end having more teams in the NCAAs than the SEC, Big12 and Pac10

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