Sunday, January 01, 2006

Non-BCS Rewind

Memphis These Tigers are for real. No more hide and seek. No Sean Banks dramas, no Jeremy Hunt cycles of injuries and legal troubles. This is a real team. And they have four (!) road wins already and a neutral W vs UCLA. Oh yes and they almost beat Duke. Final Four is a possibility, Sweet 16 for sure.

Gonzaga The Duke of the West is riding high again in the regular season. Will this team be tough enough in the NCAAs to avoid the fate of recent Gonzaga teams? They are missing key pieces, but they manage to accumulate the Ws. With Knight at full strength and Heytvelt back this team would actually play D.

Bucknell The new mid-major super-star? Their high profile Ws continue to pile up. Bill Self shouldn't feel as bad for last year. Now if they beat Duke tomorrow...

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