Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AASAA (and it's not a bad word)

  • The coaching carousel may spin again according to Goodman. Ricky Stokes may be out at East Carolina was the talk in Vegas. Very popular in Vegas, apart from the buffet and the entertainment was the Vance Walberg offense.
  • The laying of the hands by Calipari has turned this offense into a sensation. And those two coaches have put together a clinic at the adidas Midsouth Coaches Clinic, Sept 14-16. Since Calipari loves the cameras so much, how about a DVD and a book on the offense? So when they tell you to AASAA, they are not swearing at you :) AASAA means attack, attack, skip, attack, attack, which is the mantra of this offense. Check your tape libraries or CSTV for a number of Memphis Tigers games. It may take Walberg another year or two to really showcase it at Pepperdine as he has to recruit the right players for this system.
  • Can't wait for the new season to start? Get started by reading the 30 previews posted so far at CHN. The good people at CHN post daily previews of their Top 144 teams each year. A nice feature!
  • John Clay's blog informs us that the reports that Alvin Brooks is the new assistant coach at Kentucky has been premature. No decision has been made yet.
  • CAA Hoops sings Duran Duran songs!
  • Lots of recruiting updates at Recruiting Wars including Kentucky, Lance Stepheson, Tyreke Evans, Ole Miss, Leonard Washington and more!
  • An excellent letter by a reader was posted at Truth about Duke.
    "He took two consensus top high school players in the country, Randolph and McRoberts, and turned them into nobodies in a few years"

  • And now a word from our sponsonrs, 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!

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