Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Night Hoops

  • Strange??? The three teams Vanderbilt faced in the 2007 NCAA tournament were: Georgetown, George Washington and Washington State. Can you see the pattern?

    Everybody loves Duke
  • Clay also has a very good write-up on the whining of Coach K. I agree 100% with his conclusion: "Coach K whines too much!".
  • A Sea of Blue discusses the Dookie "why they hate us" essay.
  • The Dookie "why they hate us" essay is posted at the Duke Basketball Repor(t).
  • Among other things (read: everything) the Dookies blame is a couple of posts at the Nation of Islam Sports blog: this and that
  • And I'm not the only one who notices how Coach Dracula K drains the life force out of his players and turns them into K-Zombies. The NOIS blog says "He stole the talent and energy...".
  • And no mention of Duke is complete, without a reference to the Truth about Duke encyclopedia.
  • Please note that the above issues deal with men's basketball at Duke under Coach Dirty Rat Dracula K, not the whole university. But the occasional spillover effect is unavoidable especially if someething or someone was touched by Coach Midas K.

  • Jim Valvano's ESPY speech can be found at the AOL Sports Fanhouse. The speech is on YouTube.
  • John Clay writes that the basketball triangle is back!. He is not talking about Philip's triangle offense, but the triangle of Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville. He also breaks down the chances of the three teams with 2008 players.
  • He also writes about Roy Williams recruiting woes and how they remind UK fans of the Tubby Smith recruiting situation of the last couple of years.
  • I also wrote about that in Ole Roy ain't that good?. This is further discussed at the KatMan2000 ProBoards
  • I missed this story when it came out a couple of weeks ago Dan Patrick may be leaving ESPN. Keith O is trying a career at political punditry (or is it punditrom?). Maybe he can join Comedy Central and make a Daily Show for grown ups? :)
  • More news and stories from around the country at at
  • More previews have been posted at CHN's top 144 previews, including Sam Houston State, Hofstra and Albany.
  • The AOL Sports Fan House has posted their premature Hoops blogpoll as of July 13, 2007. Some interesting picks such as Washington State at #11
  • Another loaded post at Goodman's blog: Updates from the U19 team which will make Kansas State fans very happy. Lots of details on various players, both of interest to college and future NBA draft fans... Also: dates of various preseason exempt tourneys, the tough Gauchos guards take on all, Mr Jersey gets a space-eater big man, and more... The OldBEEPe Classic is the Old Spice Classic. Also sopBLEEPres. are sophomores. The FoxSports website is apparently editing parts of words that would be offensive if they were stand-alone words. You can do the math and figure them out, I'm not going to post them here :)
  • More from Goodman: The PanAm roster is down to 14. And it looks like ESPN2 might carry some of the basketball games. Some of the 14 players of interest: Duke-slayer Eric Maynor, Joey "I'm gonna own Oden" Dorsey, Roy Hibbert, and smooth operator Wayne Ellington.

  • College Hoops TV guide
  • Weekly TV guide (with regards to recruiting/high school games).
  • Recruiting Rankings and Ratings of 2007, 2008 and beyond (work in progress)
  • Every 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament game on DVD!
  • Gigantic 2007-2008 preview via links. (work in progress)

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