Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday updates

  • Every 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament game on DVD! Now shipping!
  • Goodman's blog talks about Billy Gillispie recruiting. Huggie-bear also picks up a youngster. but he is no longer a Bearcat, so shouldn't it be Huggie-Mountaineer?
  • For some reason the FoxSports website is censoring the word "sophomores" to "sopBLEEPres". Is sophomores a bad word now? :)
  • Gary Parrish on Billy Gillispie as well
  • Dollars and sense in collegiate athletics at A Sea of Blue
  • Mike DeCourcy takes a detailed look at the make-up of the Under 19 Team USA which features 8 college players and 4 incoming freshmen.
  • The 144-part series of previews by CHN continues
  • Kyle Whelliston talks CAA hoops
  • A profile of the coaches at American and Wagner by ESPN.com
  • Andy Glocker looks at Dan Monson's return to the west coac (Long Beach State)
  • Jason Whitlock on Imus at JimRome.com

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