Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kentucky gets third assistant coach

  • Congratulations to March Madness All Season for reaching half a million web hits!
  • CHN's 144-part preview series continues with IUPUIUIUPUIUI, Hawai'iiii, Virginia Tech and Nebraska
  • John Clay's Sidelines report reports on the last and final assistant coach at Kentucky. And the new assistant coach is Alvin Brooks, former Houston (Cougars) head coach. Clay also talks about the potential of a Bill vs Billy series of games, given that they (Self and Gillispie) were on the same team a few years ago.
  • A Sea of Blue takes a closer look at the NBA referee gambling scandal and its potential impact on college sports. DeCourcy opines as well
  • Goodman gives up updates on the FIBA U19 games, a quick update on Ole Mess and Andy Kennedy, and Marquette's David Cubillan. There is also a curious comment on Arizona enforcer-coach Kevin O'Neill.
  • The AD carousel won't spin at Nebraska. Their current AD was given a five year extension
  • A variety of topics are covered by Hoops Coach at Wordpress
  • Property wars at Oklahoma State and they won!
  • All mid-majors all the time at Mid Majority Repor(t)

    Readers Questions (...via Google)
  • This ended up on my blog: Coach k eating children. And believe it or not, there is such a story at deadspin. Who knew Coach K and Mike Tyson had so much in common :)
  • Q: What caused the beef between John Calipari and John Cheney? A: nothing really extraordinary, John Chaney was just having a "goon moment".
  • Q: Are there college team cell phone covers? A: Good idea, I do not know the answer, but I'll look into it.
  • Q: What's the television call sign for NICK2? A: NICK2

  • Today's installment is brought to you by 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games on DVD!

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